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  1. Hi im faith nichols
    I sing and dance since i was 4
    my favortie singers are beyonce, Alicia keys, and Ariana Grande
    Im 13 i live in Smyrna,De
    IM puerto rican and black
    and lets
    Most importantly i think i should get picked because im talented and sometimes to scared to show it and this would be a good way to that

  2. Hi my name is Martina, I am Nine yrs old
    I have been dancing and Performing since I was 2 yrs old,
    I enjoy dancing gymnastics and acting.
    I live in Leeds with my mom and my grandad,
    I would love to have a very successful future in show businesses. I am a team player,.. I am very experienced
    In competing in competitions, I enjoy enjoy what I do very much.. Please help me in achieving my dreams..
    Kindest Regards,
    Martina Hope Williams.

  3. Hey when is my I am saying you’re in my mike if you didn’t well this is me I am just look it up thank you and if nobody answers just G this email me at thank you navigate to tell you more about it him I’m 10 I’m a female I love singing and dancing and I really wish that I could put out one of my on my singing videos without the estimator but a kind of gives a more picture look like I am out I would really love to be on the show or whatever it is I love seeing you the mapping like is my passion and for me to be on here it will be a dream come true and

  4. Hi my name is Mariah I’m saying I really won’t be at dance itself that’s why I spent the half day trying to like yeah just trying to sign applications and stuff a whole new email me back to start my career I want to just let it roll little bit of latest but I really just need to try so I was hoping that you signed me down and if you don’t I’ll just keep trying God bless I just keep trying God bless thank you

  5. I love to sing dance and act it is everything to me in dance I do hip hop and street dance and I love to sing Beyonce please consider this comment I’m a really good singer

    • My name is Jazmine Jorge. I am 14 years old.I am a singer and songwriter…I am the best singer in Dobie Jr High school.ive been singing since I was 3. I’ve been trying to achieve my dream …. my dream is to get my voice and music out there. I’ve been put down by the people around me. They never have faith in me. I want to show them what I’ve got. I can truly blow them away. I get bullied a lot..I get told I’m ugly and I get spit and hit on. I want to be someone.if I don’t get this …..well I can hold it in and keep trying. Please consider me.if I’m not what you want, sorry if I’m not pretty. I don’t spend all my time staring in the mirror caking making on my face.i stare in the mirror singing my songs and wondering if I would ever be noticed. I am Jazmine. I Live in San Antonio Texas . If you want to chat about this, call my fathers number*443-534-0881* ask my father for Jazmine and we will chat. Thank you.

  6. my age is 15 and i am mad about acting and i want to give my voice to cartoon shows ..i will do any role ..pls giv me a chance on disney channel..

  7. Hi ,I’m 10 years old. I’m a female. I love to sing and rap .I live in Syracuse NY. My mothers number is 315-863-7892.Please pick me I want to be a singer rapper and actress .Please please make my dream come true

  8. Hi my name is Craig and I am 13 years of age. I would love to become an actor. Being an actor would be a real dream come true. I have 3 years of experience and I really want to be an actor. Please write back thank you.

  9. Im Shania Louise A.Visorio
    Young Venus in Beki Boxer TV5 ( Philippines)
    Upcoming 2 International Movies,( MD & SS of IR) confidential TITLE

    Blackbelter of Karatedo,WingChun,KungFu,Arnis,Jeet Kune Do,Kickboxing,Dance Performer,Grandwinner in Modeling as “Kid Top Model (Catwalk Unlimited Philippines)

    GrandWinner (Cutest Faces of the Philippines)

    I just want to experience action movies outside the country

  10. Hi my name is jovana partida my dream is to be an actress and a singer. It means a lot to me and I dance jazz. I’m 14 years my teacher say to me that a have a great personally and don’t give up my dream that if I want to be an actress and a singer. My favorite artist is Ariana grande, Katy perry, and Zendaya . And please choose me and have me more thank you:)!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hi my name is Gianna farrington I don’t have a lot of experience in the acting world but I would love to be able to get my career started I chose to comment on this particular role because I have a lot of experience in what cancer is all about so I feel if you decide to choose me for any role I think I could fit any role very well I can sing I can dance and I can act and I hope you choose me to play any role you decide thanks

    • Hi I can tell u really want one of the spots but I am gonna help u out if u go to there website u can sign up for a spot in the audition

  12. Hi I am Naxya I love to act, sing, dance, and do gymnastics. I am currently in 7th grade and am 12 years young, I have been in every play my school has ever had (within age of course) and have a lead role and a multiple solos in all. I am a optional gold at gymnastics and have danced for 6 years I am very athletic and sports come naturally to me. I am a all A student who plays violin and I have always dreamed of being on TV I memorize lines quickly and give 110% for everything I do. I really hope you consider me all I need is a chance, I might not be the most qualified through a professionals eyes but I pray you will atleast give me a chance. Thank you :)

  13. hello i’m 15 years old and i loving acting, my teachers always say ” don’t waste your talent” and i believe that i’ll be perfect for any character choosen for me
    i would appreciate it if you consider me

  14. Hello, I’m very professional I do have some experience in theater. I have a wide range of vocal skills. I have a strong voice.

  15. Hello, I’m Paperin and I am 13 years old,… Actually, I can’t really say I have any experience in acting because I don’t think my experience is enough, but I really hope I am selected, though it seems as if it is impossible but I believe that at least someone will be selected, so I still have hope! I see this as one step to take to make what I want to become and since I don’t have connections or anything to become an actor for now, I see this as a once in a life time opportunity.. With due respect please choose this humble teen, I believe this audition is to help people achieve what they want especially teens like me! So choosing me won’t ever, ever be a mistake! I hope all your hearts desires be granted unto you! I rap a lot and sing too.

  16. Hi, my name is Beyana.
    my mum always says “Beyana you were born to act” and i really was.
    i have been going to lots of theatres and i have been wanting to actually play in one so i was searching
    ‘auditions for films’ and i came across this wonderful website.
    i hope to be achieving my dream soon and you should know follow your dream.

  17. Hi, My name is Thalia Reveil. I have been dancing since the age of 3 and I absolutely LOVEEEE the art of dance. I have started singing and modeling and would love to grow and develop these talents of mine. I am super enthusiastic, a quick learner, and a very charismatic person to be around. I have discovered my passion at such a young age and I am constantly working hard to improve myself and to become better. An opportunity at acting would mean the world to me and I am sure I would be amazing at it once I put my mind to it.

    Thanks so much!!!

  18. Hi my name is Deion. I have been acting and modeling since I was three years old. I love modeling. I haven’t worked in a few years but I really love and miss acting. I would love more than anything to be in ant role for a TV show or movie right now I am 18 years old and I must add that I am very handsome, at least that’s what all the ladies tell me. Please consider me while your looking for new, cute and talented individuals.
    Thank you, in advance

  19. Hi, My name is Mujahid I am part of the Urban Warriors a martial arts performance team that consists of myself and my younger brother, or sometimes myself and two brothers. We have performed on Turkeys Got Talent ( semi finalists) and will be on British prime time TV this month. We would love to be a part of a show that will benefit children with Cancer.

  20. Hi, I am Rachel. I am 13 and I love to sing and act…(i can’t dance that well, but i get the hang of it in the end) I have been performing in school things since I was young and have never got the chance to perform on something real (if you get what i mean) I have performed at the M.E.N arena when I was in year 5 with my choir in Young Voices. And I have sang at my local Proms In The Park. I enjoy singing so much and it would mean the world to me if I could participate in this. :) x

  21. Hi!!!! My name is Roxanne Rivas I have been singing since I was two years old. I’ve always wanted to be a singer when I grow up. I didn’t have the money to have a fancy music teacher but ever y person that I have sang in front of really like my singing . My favorite artist are Becky G, Fifth Harmony, and Taylor Swift but I have many more.I would love more about than anything to being any roll you have for me for a tv show or a movie or anything you would want me in ! I would do anything you would want me to do in the tv show or in the movie ! Please choose me and have me in many more!!! Thank you very much!!!!

    • Hi! I’m Rachel. Just thought I’d reply because I love you comment. I am 13 and I have been performing since a young age too! I too, would do anything to be in a television show or a movie :) xx

  22. Hi my name is Tamika Franklin my daughter, Joy loves to sing and act. She loves movies she likes to act out scenes from the movies and tv shows. She is outgoing loves to have fun she is 5 years old she can read, tie her shoes, she knows very little Spanish. She is very smart ahead of her class. She is in Kindergarten headed to 1st grade she has a birthday coming up she will be 6 in June she would be really excited if you chose her for the auditions she isnt shy at all it would be great for my daughter to get to do something she loves to do I would be proud she loves the camera. :-)

  23. Hi!!! My name is Tyler Gonzalez and I have been singing/dancing for as long as I can remember! I have been with my music teacher “Billie Cole” since I was 7 years old! I LOVE to sing that is what I want to do when I get older!!!! I have been singing one stage since I started with Billie, so when I was 7! My favorite artists are Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, and Pitbull!!!!! I would love more than anything to be in any roll you have for me for a tv show or movie or anything you would need me in! I would do anything you would want me to do for any show or any movie!!! Please choose me and have me in many more! Thank u!!!!!!

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