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Now Casting for The Real Housewives of Houston

The Real Housewives of Houston

The Real Housewives of Houston

Now Casting for The Real Housewives of Houston

Are you an affluent woman or couple who have always wanted to be part of a TV production? Do you think you lead an interesting life? A nationwide production company is seeking affluent women/couples who reside in the Houston area for a new TV pilot.

Bravo TV has added a new show to its Real Housewives brand, The real Housewives of Houston. The casting team with GD Productions is seeking local affluent housewives and/or couples who have very interesting stories. The team will consider any storyline that will keep an audience eager to tune every week for more.

To be considered for a role in the brand new series “The Real Housewives of Houston,” please read the casting call provided below:

All ethnicities are encouraged to apply. Women ages 27-39 ONLY please. Married couples preferred, but the right single women may be considered.

Please email the following information ASAP to:

~ Resume
~ Cover Letter (including why you think you would be great for the show)
~ Age (27-39 ONLY)
~ Phone Number and Email Address
~ Where in Houston you reside
~ At least 10 minute video describing your “Housewife” life
~ Photos, links, social media, and/or any other materials you feel will help your chances
~ A photo of yourself

*** Only submissions that include a video will be accepted
*** All applicants must be legal US residents

Open to the residents of Houston, TX

Please submit to:

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.

  • I acknowledge that by submitting this form, I may be contacted by phone and/or text, at the number provided above, including my wireless number if provided, by a representative of Nine9 regarding my interest in modeling/acting opportunities. I understand these calls may be generated using an automated technology. I understand that consent to be contacted is not a condition of registration and I agree to the privacy policy.

70 Comments on Now Casting for The Real Housewives of Houston

  1. Letreauna Lively // November 8, 2015 at 8:05 pm // Reply

    Ok. So what about housewives of MICHIGAN….. hello it is action always. Saginaw, Flint, Detroit don’t forget about us.

  2. LET ME KNOW when youre looking for single dads… or doing a show on eligible black men… intelligent professionals!

  3. Leaving info just in case Bravo is ready for Dallas metroplex/Colleyeville aka ColleyeWood! Have I got the perfect ladies for Bravos Real Houswives of Colleyeville… How do I know? I own a Salon and I know most of them and the others I’ve just heard stories of them! Whoah! It’s a reality show in my Salon! Real Hosiwoves, Real stories from riches to renting etc…No shame, No game…. Real life with real Houswives with crazy lives!

  4. Normally, I would not respond to things like this. However, this article came across my phone at the right time for me to share a small “piece of my mind.” For starters, let me ask just how many “housewives” from all of the combined series are between 29-35? Hmm… NOT many, correct? Yes, hardly any. Welcome to the new millennium, where people don’t marry until after they are in there 30’s. Houston, the 3rd or maybe 5th largest city in the United States, most diversified, in terms of race, and also very wealthy. Mostly from “old money” in oil & gas. I personally am a very successful Realtor, have been for 20+ years, live on the northwest side of town, recently divorced, although my ex & I talk daily. I am blessed to be in a large circle of my dearest friends whom have all known each other, grown up together since elementary school. Let’s just say, 30 plus years! We should have OUR OWN reality show that no doubt, would surpass all housewives ratings. And that’s coming from me, someone who SELDOM watches TV but does TIVO several of the shows & also has a friend who stars on the HWO Vancouver who is my age, early to mid 40’s. Some of us are happily married, some pretend (;-)) to be, others going through a divorce, one, just recently separated after finding out her husband of 20 plus years is gay! One, who is dating a guy that’s put her through HELL the last 2 years & she’s now put back in Rehab for the second time in 9 months. I, personally, have been featured on the local news stations for a couple different things. I won’t mention them in this post because I’d give myself away. I firmly believe my future husband, who just signed the largest contract in NFL history for his position, truly is my soulmate. Some of us live in modest homes that are $500,000.00, some in multi million dollar homes. We own a multi million dollar home on Lake Travis that most say, blows away any home featured on “Cribs.” We all drive Mercedes, BMW’s, Corvette Stingrays as 1st & 2nd cars. My dad is a very well known prominent oil & gas owner, worth millions. Again, I just wanted to “vent” or voice my opinion on the age restrictions for this show. Mainly to say, you’re REALLY MISSING OUT!! But, wish you the best of luck!!

  5. What the heck is the age limit about? That’s ridiculous. Out of all the “Housewives” shows, most are older than this age limit and the ones who are younger are the least popular. I was excited to see a Houston edition but with the age limit, it’s most likely going to fail.

  6. Young Again // August 26, 2015 at 7:10 pm // Reply

    Okay, the age limit is fine: but only if the husbands of these women are young too. The guys are often cast members too, and we don’t want to watch any old 40+ year OLD farts if we aren’t going to see any old 40+ year OLD hags

  7. Brenda cooper // August 23, 2015 at 1:28 pm // Reply

    Do the casting agents know ANYTHING about houston? You would get some very interesting old money ladies if you would drop the age limit. But now you’ll just cast new money douchebags and social climbers

  8. Please do not cast any homophobic racists and make Texas look like the negative stereotype that is already perpetuated in the news by Abbot, Perry, Waller jail, McKinney pool party, etc. I’m glad Tracey the homophobe and the lady who doesn’t want to hang with people of color are too old. Thank God for that. We DO have progressive people here too.

  9. Because no one wants to watch old hags like the housewives of New York ! Only hot women please

  10. All of the Housewives Series have lost there luster…boring and predictable. Find a new trend that, at least, seems like reality. I don’t believe any of the foolishness, but it used to be entertaining at the least.

  11. Tracey Sulak // July 1, 2015 at 9:55 am // Reply

    It’s a shame that you have decided to set an age limit on this. Please see attached article showing the average age of the current/past Real Housewives.
    Out of the 35 listed, 24 of the 35 are over the age limit you have set for Houston of 39. It also reflects an average age of 42.

    I’m not sure if your reasoning is based on “looks” or “age” after longevity potential of the show? Either way, many women, including myself look much younger than we actually are. Also, with age comes even more of a story line/drama.

    Our daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter live on the west coast. He is an orthopedic resident and my granddaughter is an actress. My hubby has a great job with a major dealership serving the Dallas/Fort Worth/San Antonio and Houston areas. I am a “Real Housewife” after retiring from working 30 years and I have a Chihuahua named Princess Glitter that travels everywhere I go.

    You can find me here;

    Your loss, Bravo~

  12. I agree you should raise the age limit. I am 40, truckers wife. Blended family.

  13. As a younger lady in Houston, I know that there are remarkable women in this city who would make great cast members of the show. However, the age limit you placed is too low in my opinion (and that of many people). There are plenty of amazing housewives (and you’ll find an even better cast) beyond 39 years old. To ensure this show the success you want, I think you should raise the age limit!

  14. Omg, Houston is a trashole. It’s truly just an awful city full of morons. It’s tragic. And the people on the show would expose it for what it truly is. Blech!

  15. Selvya Boyd // June 27, 2015 at 2:10 pm // Reply

    Atlanta housewives need some new blood. I can bring it! Im a bilingual, JAP (Jordanian Arabic Princess). I was born in the Holy Land, where mom is from Nazareth. My Jordanian Major General dad spoiled me to the core. We had a Range Rover before they were hot, and a chauffeur and a maid which all came with being high up in the Jordanian Army. They moved to Alabama after my dad retired from the Jordanian army since you can have a swimming pool instead of a bomb shelter in your back yard!! I am christian who loves everyone, have a B.S. n Civil Engineering . AFAA certified in step aerobics taught it and yoga for 10 years. Also have a black belt in Karate, took flying lessons, a scuba diver and above all love your housewives shows. My Irish/cherokee/Texan husband is a lot younger, and love to throw it in my face. But according to the Samsung app my age is 24 while his is 42 even though his real age is 37! I look younger than him (haha)! I have 2 beautiful children (8 and 9 year old). Life is too short and we should attempt to enjoy every second the good Lord has given to us. Give me a chance and I promise not to disappoint. Peace be with you all!!!

  16. Selvya Boyd // June 27, 2015 at 2:06 pm // Reply

    Atlanta housewives need some new blood. I can bring it! Im a bilingual, JAP (Jordanian Arabic Princess). I was born in the Holy Land, where mom is from Nazareth. My Jordanian Major General dad spoiled me to the core. We had a Range Rover before they were hot, and a chauffeur and a maid which all came with being high up in the Jordanian Army. They moved to Alabama after my dad retired from the Jordanian army since you can have a swimming pool instead of a bomb shelter in your back yard!! I am christian who loves everyone, have a B.S. n Civil Engineering . AFAA certified in step aerobics taught it and yoga for 10 years. Also have a black belt in Karate, took flying lessons, a scuba diver andaboe all love your housewives shows. My Irish/cherokee/Texan husband is a lot younger, and love to throw it in my face. But according to the Samsung app my age is 24 while his is 42 even though his real age is 37! I look younger than him (haha)! I have 2 beautiful children (8 and 9 year old). Life is too short and we should attempt to enjoy every second the good Lord has given to us. Give me a chance and I promise not to disappoint. Peace be with you all!!!

  17. You should have the Real Housewives of Seabrook Island. Drama!!!!!!!!

    • Too Funny! It would be an ancient crowd, but very catty! The men and women of Seabrook are so insular! Beautiful homes and lovely scenery. We could call it the geriatric real housewives of Seabrook Island too funny!

  18. J .Michael Soliz // June 27, 2015 at 1:43 am // Reply

    27 to 29 …oh please , I am much more interesting at 52 than I ever was in my 20’s ….Much more drama and security in myself , which makes for good television…sending a video soon ..!

  19. Hello there, I would love to do the makeup for the show!! I live in Houston, near downtown. Talk soon

  20. How about doing a show about two sisters that live together with their families. Their 10 years apart. The oldest just got a divorce recently from her second husband. She has two kids from her first husband, they are 19 and 16. One is in college. The youngest sister is 32 and is married to a crazy, silly loveable husband who is 43. They have 2 kids together 5 and a 1 year old. Its crazy in their house everyday with. Husband has 3 more older children. Now the youngest is the age appropriate for the show. Basically we all live in the same house for about 6 years. Were basically two housewives under the same roof. Because the oldest plays the wife role as well. But its all a big happy family. People thought two sisters could not move together with men as well. But we have proved them wrong.

  21. Sandy Byrd // June 26, 2015 at 3:00 pm // Reply

    Really 26-29 no, but am 58 attractive and I am real. I have the same challenges as other women. I spend my time on my lovely home and well being spoiled. I don’t was my own hair, I have a stylist, have my make professionally applied for events. I enjoyed a long career as a VP in hospital management and now enjoy life.

  22. To all the ladies that are auditioning, just want to let you all know that I am a professional makeup artist and hair stylist in the Houston area! I’d love to doll you ladies up.

  23. Oh my, please make sure you cast literate people who can spell and read. I think some didn’t read that they need to submit their information to an email instead of applying in the comments as if they’ll be voted in.I’m positive the serious applicants will follow instructions for submission.

  24. Tammie Coleman // June 26, 2015 at 12:05 pm // Reply

    Its great that your coming to h-town but your she scale leaves me out..How about a reality show where my x husband and I have remained to live together as roommates through alkyl of muy dating and now married.He and my current husband get alone great and several days of the week I live here to care for my two grandbabies that we adopted together….note that’s a story line

  25. marie silver // June 26, 2015 at 9:42 am // Reply

    Any of you seen the show? What I’m reading on here is shit.

  26. How about the Real Housewives of Austin! Austin is a lot more interesting than Houston (with all due respect ). Austin has so many diverersed young couples with a lot to offer!! I know quite a few!

  27. I hope no one from casting reads these comments because you all are using some of the worst English I have ever seen. Good luck getting on the show if you can’t even read a contract.

  28. I want to nominate my amazing friend Nikki Araguz Lloyd!

    Nikki is an incredible voice and leader within the Transgender Community – She inspires change in Houston and around the world. Nikki fights for those who are unable to fight for themselves. She is an inspiration and she has an amazing story of love, loss, strength, courage and determination.

    Nikki is a true Texan and an incredible role model. She is happily married to a very talented Houston artist, William Lloyd, and they have a beautiful family together.

    Nikki and Will support and promote local Houston artists through their own gallery which brings profit and notoriety to local artist throughout the Houston area. Nikki and Will contribute so much and do so much for the community- they would be perfect for this show!

    Nikki has already worked so hard on her own mini series on Youtube called “Nikki’s American Dream.” If Nikki’s Youtube series is any indication of what Nikki and Will bring to the table- I am confident that Nikki will be a huge asset to this show!

    Check out “Nikki’s American Dream”- the Youtube series here:

    I hope you will consider this amazing woman for this show! There are thousands of Houstonians who know, love and support Nikki in all she does. We would love to see more of her on this show!

  29. Are you people serious? You’ve got to be shitting me…first problem would be that it really doesn’t matter if we’re or I am interesting…I’m sure you’ll write in what reality you need me to be, second, to even be somewhat interesting you will have had to live…meaning what the hell is this up to age 39 bullshit? You want good tv, get good women!

  30. Charlene McGowan // June 26, 2015 at 12:47 am // Reply

    Obviously im too old for the casting but have a true and real story line!! Im told every day my family should have our own show! Our lives are real and full of real drama! I would never trade my live with anyone. We are truly blessed and even if the world never has a viewing of our life, we will continue to be happy and enjoy!

  31. Tricia Bentley // June 25, 2015 at 11:09 pm // Reply

    Too bad your focus is on such a young age group . Your missing out on some really sweet 44-50ish women …. Good luck with that search !!!

  32. Sheree Lawrence // June 25, 2015 at 10:06 pm // Reply

    Please think about the REAL WOMEN when casting. I’m sick and tired of the fake bitches/husband’s.,.

  33. No need for a lengthy comment. If you want a story, I definitely have it for you.

  34. Barfzilla! LOL

  35. And here come all the crazies! Houston is full of amazing women who would make a great show but unfortunately, these shows love the drama so I’m sure they will find a cast of characters that will hopefully represent our city with class but then again… It’s TV! Haha!

  36. Well I hope the age limit is a joke being the mother of 9 and having a very inter dying storyline myself… I would live to somewhat get to meet a new set of friends, not looking to hangout with any black females, just white ladies. Ppl. That actually have something. My husband is known as The King of the Night life…. Though, I’d rather focus on myself and showing women what real housewives have to deal with!

  37. Denatheexplorer // June 25, 2015 at 6:13 pm // Reply

    BECAUSE Lisa Vanderpump, Ramona Singer, NeNe are younger than 39. GET OUTTA HERE. Stop discriminating against women over 35. The housewives’ that make the best TV are well over 39. AGEIST BRAVO AND ERICS

    • First, u sound so fucking ignorant. Well with the attitude you have I’m pretty sure US black women don’t want to be around you neither. You sound like a fucking racist and people like you disgust me. I’m thinking your over the age limit and if so Thank God. Nobody wanna see your dumb racist ass representing Houston are no other city for that matter. You’re a fucking joke!

  38. Seriously? Why don’t we stop getting all these fake bitches and really focus on a true housewife. One that struggles day to day to make ends meet. One that doesn’t depend on nannies and maids so that they can go get their hair and nails did and drink wine like a wino at all hours of the day or night. REAL Housewives! Stop sensationalizing this fakeness!

  39. Chickenpieces // June 25, 2015 at 5:05 pm // Reply

    What about the Basic Housewives of Houston? I love and am proud of my basic life!

  40. Kelli Galban // June 25, 2015 at 4:53 pm // Reply

    Our group would be perfect for this show in Houston, too bad we are all 40-45 in ages. This should be interesting to watch though since we are all Housewives fans! Thanks for coming to Houston! :)

    • Lol, yep, You guys came to mind right off :)

      • They are going to get the typical second younger wife and successful older husband. This is what happens in Houston!

        Idea: The real ex-housewives of Houston or the real single mothers of Houston! Lots of those in this area and quite interesting.

        Please don’t do the Shelby Hodge crowd!!!! We have enough of them everyday in the social page.

  41. The second time you list the age requirements (for women) you list that it is 27-29. Which is it? 27-39 or 27-29? Either way…really? But I suppose it’s entirely okay if these women are married to men in their 70’s.

  42. Tamera Pitre // June 25, 2015 at 4:45 pm // Reply

    I was a single mother for 10 years with one child from a previous marriage. I had two more kids from a guy who owns a popular strip club in houston, yet pays no child support. I then recently married the ex of a childhood homie….and she didn’t take that very well. I usually work in the O&G Industry as well as freelance makeup and fashion styling on the side (when I have time). My life is full of drama with baby daddy and bitter ex girlfriends. We could definitely captivate an audio.

    • Beckie Carson // June 25, 2015 at 11:47 pm // Reply

      Top age of 39 excludes some of the best Houston has to offer. None of these other housewives need to be younger than 39, our gorgeous Texas women should have a top age of
      At least 55!

  43. Drucilla Hunter // June 25, 2015 at 4:40 pm // Reply

    I’m not in Houston but have a sister that loves in Houston I think we have a good story line for this show!!!

  44. Linda Case // June 25, 2015 at 4:15 pm // Reply

    I love that Houston has finally come into play. I am a native Houstonian . We have so many wonderful people . The filming should be done during Houston Rodeo. This is something that needs to be shown from a members side. I know I am older but we all have Young Heart. Love your Show.

  45. Do you all know what your doing? So is the limit 29 or 39??

  46. All i can say is meet the real browns and definitly get a.hella story line….#watchoutnene

  47. Andrea Davis // June 25, 2015 at 3:21 pm // Reply

    I’m a 26 years old beautiful and successful black transgendered woman I am a youth empowerment director and step instructor for Step Correct Houston I’m very sweet and the life of any party pick me and let me spill my tea lol

  48. I would love to be one of your makeup artists. I started doing makeup about 24 years ago. I’m also quite fast. I would love an opportunity to show off my slolls & if necessary, I’ll be more than happy to audition. Thank you. :)

  49. My girlfriend and I are kind of a big deal. People know us. We have many leather bound books and our apartment smells of rich mahogany.

  50. jane Smith // June 25, 2015 at 12:20 pm // Reply

    Houston, we have an age limit problem…

  51. I am divorced and an empty nester. I live a very mundane boring life. You cannot get any reader than that.

  52. HELLO.
    I AM A writer and house wife.
    2 kids, 1 Dog and 1 husband we have 12 years married.
    Sometimes I need a break and I just run jajajaja

  53. Billi Jean Murphree // April 12, 2015 at 2:45 pm // Reply

    I grew up in the shadow of the refineries in southeast Houston. I danced at Gilley’s before John Travolta. Fifth- generation Houstonian, my fraternal Great Grandfather Cooper Brenner, participated in removal of the bodies from Galveston. My maternal Great Grandfather, rode in from King Ranch to marry my Great Grandmother, who was Cherokee. On my third marriage, to Terence Murphree, Chairman of the Board, of United Steel Structures. We own a home in Montrose, and a ranch in Bellville, Tx (60 miles west of Houston). My beautiful daughter, Maggie Yewens lives on the ranch at Bellville. We have a new business flipping properties, which provides plenty of conflict. My son, Sargent Robert Yewens, is stationed at Ft. Bliss. Harry Yewens, my ex, father of my children, has stage 4 lymphoma, and is a patient at MD Anderson. We Are Houstonians. We, are Texans. ,Tennessee, Alabama and Cherokee. We are as dynamic as Houston. We are Texan. We ebb and flow from the Buffalo Bayou to the Rio Grande.

  54. Geanine Rivers // March 24, 2015 at 10:00 am // Reply

    Hi! I’m that southern woman that will bring diversity to the show. I can do it all. I have so many hobbies that will be great for the show. I ride motorcycles, horses, bowling, skating, dance and even have my own small business on the side that will bring a great storyline to your show. My life is a real reality I’m a child of GOD first and foremost, a mother and have a fiancé of three years. It’s time for women of the south to show there reality

  55. Hello and hello again. I feel I’m the right choice and the right Fit for Houston House fiance because I’m a 48 year old woman that looks 30 and I still SKATE. I’m engaged to a Pastor who is about to turn 65 and he also have had 2 heart attacks. He wants to learn how to skate. He’s my KING! There is so much more to this Story….hire me….hire….me and see why my King is why they call seasoned meat Good!

  56. I know I will be the best housewife you have had on any series… Because I am willing to bring the Real! Into it.. Lol! I have been through every stage women have been through and would like to share my life as it’s been many women’s reality. I want to be known as the Surviving housewife,I have been married lived in beautiful homes 8,000.00 square feet to a one bedroom with my sons, I survived..never allowing anyone to really know my down fall. I reunited with my childhood crush only to have him die coming home to me in a car accident,. I survived the saddest days I thought would last forever. I again found love hiding behind the biggest smile I felt comfort in a domestic violent relationship feeling it would be my last, on Christmas I was hit for the last time,. I survived. For the last four years I felt my life flashed before me with no hope. I have watched all your shows and felt alive doing so. I am the most energetic, grateful, loving, happy Latin Mama that is proud to be a Houstonian! Welcome to Texas y’all!

  57. I am the Real MVP trust when I tell ya. I am the one who you looking for. I have it all BEAUTIFUL, GREAT SMILE, POSTIVE ATTITUDE, DONT TAKE ANYTHING, EDUCATED, WITH A LITTLE CLASS AND SASS TO MATCH. Well when you are ready to blossom a future SUPASTAR PLEASE TEXT ASAP THANKS AND GOD BLESS

  58. Why not have a couple that’s succesfull on there and sort of famous

  59. I think i would be a great caste member is because i really dont even know my husband real age n i want a divorce…..

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